Techvis of a mini car driving down the steps of a european city

What Is Previs

Previs┬áis the abbreviation for previsualization is the concept of visualizing the project before the final execution is performed on the day of production. The filmmakers of the past have relied on storyboards, conceptual art and the physical models to help them layout and plan their idea and vision on film. Today’s filmmakers are replacing those static elements with 3D full motion and detail oriented animations, the director gets to have no limits on their creativity. When the director steps into production they will be prepared to work with the talent and each department saving guessing time and money.

Creative Pre-visualization

Conceptual previsualization (previs/previz) is non-technical, this means that we start from a blank canvas and work with the director by himself or including the writer(s), storyboard artist, concept designer(s) and so on just to name a few. We develop the previs for the director without the real life measurements and equipment added. This saves time and money for the correct project that doesn’t need these elements into play.

Develop Pre-visualization Vision

Conceptual development previsualization (Devis/Dev-vis) is a combination of conceptual and development, the main differences are that in conceptual we work off of the script, concept artist drawings and the storyboards provided. developmental previs is working without any concept drawings and storyboards, and is created together with the collaboration of the director and the previs team.

Technical Pre-Visualization made from Real Life Measurements and Full Scale

Techvis previsualization is sometimes taking real live measurements and 100% scale of the entire project, plus adding all the elements of environmental, costumes, lighting, camera, lenses, attachments, accessories, real life limitations and accessibility providing the director and production team with a precise list and visuals needed to accomplish the project or sequence without spending time figuring these things out in production and adding extra expenses and time.

Technically Detailed Oriented Pre-Visualization Planning

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