Previs will help new directors or established directors the chance to direct their project before committing to the final principal photography. The director will get a chance to develop his vision and produce his imagination into visual imagery. This allows the director to have the time needed to accomplish and perfect blocking of the actors, their choreography movement a jointed with the camera, composition, perspective, emotion, style, feeling and so on. Having the time to block, play with camera setups and coverage, having to direct your film without the pressure of deadlines, producers and budget gives you the freedom to explore and perfect not only the story but the storytelling.

Producers Pre Production will have a planned layout and a pre visualization of what the film will cost and need. At this point after the director has directed and finished his Cinematics Pre Visualization, Pre Production will have a fine detailed plan layout of the entire project from beginning till the end. This amount of detailed planning saves extraordinary amount of money and valuable and expensive time, for example on the motion picture War of the Worlds, Steven Spielberg got to film his entire movie in a previs form months before pre production began for principal photography. Previs was made in such technical and detail visualization that in order to accomplish this fine planned previs, we had virtual captured all film locations in real life measurements and worked on the previs with real world measurements. This meant that what Steven was working with and can see in the previs is what in real life would be like to film there, the crew would know exactly what equipment would work filming in tight spaces and on locations, Steven and the crew went on to principal photography sticking to exactly what he accomplished in previs saving millions of dollars and time. The editor know that Steven was going to shoot exactly what the previs showed and so the editor edited the previs exactly as if it was the final footage. Once the final footage was shot he just replaced the previs sequences with the actual footage and making post production on this blockbuster only took 3 months. This was a huge advantage using previs and saving the studios extraordinary amount of money and time, time that can be spent on producing other projects.

Cinematography benefits from having a technical previs by being able to light the scene in a 3D environment that is simulating real life lighting and measurements. This allows for the grips and electric departments to arrive on the day of principal photography knowing exactly what equipment will be used at all time and setting up at a fraction of the time. Eliminating time spent figuring things out on-set and as you know time is money, the level of communication among each team members and department is far beyond what is the norm, Why because if before they had to spent time going around asking questions and figuring things out, now! they just take a peek at the pre visualization sequence, the technical layout and break down list and they will know exactly without a doubt of what is needed and where it goes. What used to take hours to accomplish each setups is now taking 70% less.

Art Department now is seeing before hand how everything will be framed and what will be on screen, this can help the design time to accomplish what is needed spending less money and time because they can now see the previs and know that they can get away with building half a set, a partial set and so on because any other parts will just be expenses that will never make it in the final shot.

Pitchvis with pitch visualization you do not need to wait intil principal photography is done to be able to edit a trailer together, or have to wait for a script to be finalized. With a vision and pre visualization can put together stunning pitchvis or sequence to be presented in front of investors, distributors and studio executives. Pitchvis will convey the story, look and feel of the movie, to help make sign contracts and raise the funds needed to produce the entire movie. Pitchvis is used today almost in every film before the script is finalized and 90% of the time those projects are green lighted and fully funded before the week has gone by after the original pitch screening. It all begins with pitchvis and it has change the game, being so successful in raising the money and getting projects done that we highly recommend the director, write and producer to look into this.