Previsualization Lab Services

Conceptual development previsualization. The power of previs in the industry today is undeniable and instrumental in the success of the project. Anything that we can do to help the actors imagine what it’s actually like to be there, helps them during big green screen stages.
In today’s world of production deadlines and budgets if story is king then pre-production is queen, this is where previsualization and technical elements come together to ensure the day of the production the team knows exactly what is needed and how to accomplish the sequence, eliminating time consuming process and over expenses. This allows the director to get what is needed for the sequence to work with added free time to be more creative.
Imagine having your project previsualized! ready for your investors to view your idea and see the vision, bringing the appropriate funds and putting your vision in front of the world to view. Pitchvis will aid your success with the visuals and sounds that translates what your creative story is about. A production executive meeting with potential investors could commission a previz sequence and bring it to the meeting on a laptop.
We’re a boutique production company, specializing in high-end commercials, global content creation and branding for the worlds leading companies. We have both the technology and team to make any film, commercial or music video visually stunning.
Why spent the time and money traveling for location scouting, when now with the power of virtual reality and google we can provide all the technical and virtual images of a location from the comfort of your seat.
Mapping all assets, environment and terrain location in a 3D virtual previsualization. Previs matches the location and the vision of the director making it incredibly valuable during production and post production editing.