PREVIS | What We Believe

We pride ourselves in taking each previs project further and providing close attention to composition, animation, lighting and special effects.

The ProcessĀ previz is absolutely important part of the artist process of setting up a movie, and it is instrumental for producers to understand how to break down a schedule much more effortless than storyboard or just a script. Previsualization is not about a final shot but about how those shots all fit together within a puzzle of the final movie. The Director has the opportunity to look at his film being constructed in advance and see various story leads taking shape and the flow of the film.

At the end of a successful previs process the director needs to be able to look at the previs and say “that’s what i want my movie to be” and all of the collaborators in charge of producing the shots have to be able to say what was depicted in them is achievable within the parameters of the production.